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Families reunited after many decades

30 Jan

One of our satisfied customers from the United States took a trip to visit her ancestral village in Italy and to meet the new relatives Pallante Center for Italian Research had  located for her as part of a family tree research project. The relatives were then able to supply additional information about her family’s history. She writes:

“After meeting at the hotel for a while we drove to the home of a new cousin for lunch, wine, and grappa.  Once we drank grappa two sisters in their 90’s) started telling stories (or “tales” as Maria was calling them).  There was laughter, and rolling eyes from the older adults…… From your research, we knew about Concetta and Paulo but not about Raffaele and Giovanni!  ……Our translator questioned people on the street about another branch of the family, and as fate would have it, one of the people that we asked was Maria Assunta herself!  We took a walk down a country road, while eating  red and white grapes, two kinds of figs, green beans, red peppers, walnuts, dates, pomegranates’ figs…and for those of us who were unaware – and didn’t pay attention to the warning – ate a forbidden  olive right from a tree.  It was a magical trip!

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