New! Aerial Video of Your Ancestral house and town!

19 Dec

Introducing our AWESOME new service ! Available for anywhere in Italy. We can provide a video (or aerial photos) of your ancestor’s house and town by drone (of about 10 minutes long).  Customized for your specific needs. Travel to the site fees apply. (Based in Central Italy). Starting at  $997

30 Oct

Visit Your Ancestral Village

 This Year !

  •  Personal escort to wherever you want to go, with an English-speaking guide (any size group, transportation available)
  •  Ancestor research before your visit (much preferred),  but on the day is also possible.
    • Note: Sicilian archives do not permit you to sit and do your own research or touch the books. The guide will take you to a town hall where you can request a document or two from the archivist
  •  Transfers from local train or bus stations available, with tour purchase.
  •  Personal translator for a day to meet new relatives (with or without driver, if you’ve already rented a car)
    • Note: Living relatives must be discovered in advance, though genealogical research. Otherwise, if none can be found, the guide can introduce you to some people with the same surname in your ancestral village.
  •  Visit your ancestral church and cemetery. Your guide will work with the office to help you locate a grave.

The tour guide will also take you to see whatever major tourist sites in the region you want to see.

Sicilian translator needed for documentary film.

16 Sep

Interviews were conducted and filmed in Sicily for an upcoming movie documentary. Now a (preferably native-born and raised in Sicily) person is needed to translate into English– direct from the video. Applicants also need to be able to record time code as they go, so that the filmmaker is able to match to frame. The translator will watch video footage and create a transcript in English.  The transcription must be in sync with the video time code.  The film maker will later close caption selected  passages.  If you think you can do this, please contact us immediately !

Get started today on your Italian Family Tree !

20 Jul

Start a new project !

A three-month project would make a great Christmas present, and we will add a special ornament to go with it. We have been established for decades and have partners all over Italy.  What we need from you:

  • A solid starting point. (Tells all that you know about the line to be researched.)
  • Clear goals.
  • Copies of any documents you already have that pertain, with your application fee, or a deposit for a research session. We will then review what you have and determine the starting point. Sometimes the starting point is to discover the town of origin.

Please read our Testimonials page. It’s full of many wonderful comments from past customers who were delighted with our work !  We’ve even been endorsed on the Fox News website and Who’ Who !  You’ll get the most for your money here. We have found many thousands of Italian ancestors over the years !

Family Trees

8 Nov

PCIR offers various  options for your interests or budget !


Family Tree Projects:  $40/hr 

All inclusive flat rate –  $399 per session

($50/hr first session)

 Try a mini project for $200.  

If you continue on to complete a full family history book, it will typically will include several hundred people, and can usually get at least into the mid 1700’s (or even the 1500’s,  if records exist for your town.) Some projects have found as many as  1,000 ancestors!

new cover caccamo-corrected

Our flat rate includes costs involved to conduct the research.  Our rate of $399 hasn’t changed in several years ! and our hourly rate is well below industrial standards, especially for our level of experience.  There may sometimes be multiple researchers who work on a various parts of a project.  Many extra, unbilled hours are thrown in for book projects.   Unless otherwise specified,  our research projects have always been “open-ended”, with most clients working  towards having a book’s worth of info compiled. We keep working until all sources that exist for your town have been exhausted, and ultimately you get a Family History Book–if you follow through.  Such a project is  comprehensive, including “everyone” by your surname that can be found for your tree.  There are no binding legal contracts, but this will usually take at least  a year, or more often two years, depending on how large your family is, and how good record sources are for your ancestral town. It is possible to put the project on hold should an emergency arise (30 days notice preferred). Full projects  result in spiral-bound family books–perfect for gifts, reunions, display, and to pass on to your descendants!

Putting the results in book format implies that “everything” that can be done was done, and the research is “complete”.  Otherwise order a “modified research project and choose the number of months-with charts and family group sheets, without book. The research will be approached differently.

If you want “the works” ! “Cousins of cousins” ! This is the place !

You will be given copies all documents to support the research.

 We accept personal check, money order, PayPal,  credit cards.


All tree projects:  begin with a  “one time only” $60 application fee to review your starting information, check resources available to do the work and plan strategy.  With so many inquiries via the Internet, we simply do not have time for free consultations. 

Also, we need a written trail of everything that was discussed, so all communications are by email.  No phone calls please. Credit card billing is done through the secure site of

Please use the form below to get started . Then you will be asked to supply copies of documents you have that pertain and further details.   The  $60.00 application fee MUST be received before we spend time reviewing your starting materials.   (Remember book projects drop to just $399 after the first month).   If the form below does not seem to work, email:


14 Jun
  • We’ll trace your Italian ancestor’s.

  • Get official documents from Italy.

  • Set you up with a tour guide in Italy.

  • Trace your non-Italian line too. 

  • We are networked all over the world !




Tour Guides in Sicily

9 Apr

The best private tour guide service for Sicily ! Customize your trip (from one person to a large group), visit your ancestral village, meet people by your surname (maybe even organize a private dinner event with them!). Visit your ancestral church, the cemetery,  stop at the town hall to get a vital record… and also visit any of regular tourists sites all over Sicily, with an English-speaking private escort! No need to rent a car (unless you prefer), but the tour guide will take you around on a carefree narrated private tour. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS.


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