Italian Genealogy Services

Professional genealogical research for people of Italian heritage. All regions of Italy:

  • Certified birth, marriage, or death records from Italy [use the form]
  • Probate. Identifying/locating legal heirs in Italy for estate matters
  • Extensive family trees
  • Onsite research Italian vital records offices/churches (varies per region)
  • Italian military records
  • Property searches
  • Genealogy travel
  • Aerial videos of your ancestral village by drone

Aerial video of your ancestral town!

Custom video  of your ancestral house and town by drone.   Video and/or aerial photos.  Meet living cousins on video. Price varies depending on location. Expect about $999. Serious inquiries only as we have to work to see if the town involved would grant permission.

Review from one very satisfied customer: “Debora, OH MY GOD!  FANTASTIC JOB!  THANK YOU!  I did not want the video to end. I played it 5 times and find something new in it each time.  Too bad about my house.  Makes me want to cry seeing it all torn apart, but I got to see the general area and layout. I will give each of my children a video, to remember where I came from. You made my day! I will  highly recommend you to my Italian friends in the Pittsburgh area.” Anna

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