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Get New Relatives !

31 May

We can help you find your lost cousins in Italy. Do you have living relatives in your ancestral village today?
(May require some document research for a generation or two before links to the present residents can be made)

Biccari baptisms 1554-1920 $45 each – special offer

27 May

photocopies of the full orginal handwritten baptism records !
3 for $100

To learn your Italian ancestor’s town of origin……

24 May

Request a military record search (even if he never served). Also gives a physical description. Read more ….

Santa Lucia (Naples) Italy

22 May

The Pallante Center will be onsite in Santa Lucia and Naples Harbor area mid June. 1 day only. $599
Now taking requests for research, photos — a particular address or general views, tombstone research,

Another Success Story ! Discover Your Ancestor’s Town of Origin

13 May

The family of Nick Vitale who settled in Cleveland, Ohio had no idea of his town of origin in Italy. A persistent search done via military records (province by province) turned up his town of birth in Province Salerno ! This method works when you don’t know what town (as long as the immigrant didn’t leave Italy prior to age 18 and was born after the mid 1850s). If you need to discover the town of origin request a military record search for 95.00 The record will also give a detailed physical description of your ancestor !

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