Family Trees

offers various  options for your interests or budget !


Family Tree Projects

We work from advance retainers of $500 a session

The hourly rate of $50 an hour, plus reimbursement of any expenses we encounter in conducting the research is deducted from the retainer as we work.

For a Book Project

Monthly subscription payment $399/month, after the first session.

•Caccamo folks are offered a mini tree for $250.00 for items 1820-1910 only.

If you continue on to complete a full family history book, it will typically include hundreds of people, and can usually get at least into the mid 1700’s (or even the 1500’s,  if records exist for your town.) Some projects have found as many as  1,000 ancestors!  Onsite research at churches is typically available to supplement what can be done by civil records. There are no  legal contracts to bind you. You can put a project on hold if unforeseen circumstances arise.  After a two year project, you will have paid an average of something like $30 per name. The longer you stay and the more found,  the lower this average will be.

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The convenient monthly flat rate  allows you to budget for a set amount each month in order to fully search all records that exist for your village in Italy.  This includes costs involved to conduct the research.   There may  be multiple researchers who work on a various parts of a project.  Many extra, unbilled hours are thrown in for book projects.

Unless otherwise specified,  our research projects have always been “open-ended”, with most clients working  towards having a book’s worth of info compiled. We keep working until all sources that exist for your town have been exhausted, and ultimately you get a Family History Book–if you follow through.  Such a project is  comprehensive, including “everyone” by your surname that can be found for your tree.  This will usually take at least  a year, or more often two years, especially in Sicily, depending on how large your family is, and how good record sources are for your ancestral town.

It’s possible to put the project on hold should an emergency arise (30 days notice required). You’ll never be locked in by any legal contract. It can be done in periodic single session stages, but it’s always best to keep going straight through–while access to a particular collection has been granted, because it can take months of negotiations to gain access.  After a long break, sometimes a church archives will decide not to grant access again for an unspecified time, if its a private or closed record source that is needed.

For book projects, drafts will be delivered quarterly throughout the year to let you see how your tree is growing. Documentation to support every name and date is provided, with the exception of any special circumstances.  There can also be official certificates from Italy for important ancestors. Full projects  result in spiral-bound family books–perfect for gifts, reunions,  display, and to pass on to your descendants!

Putting the results in book format implies that “everything” that can be done was done, and the research is “complete”.  Otherwise order a “modified research project and limit to a set number of number of months-with charts and family group sheets, without book. The research will be approached differently for this type of project. Please inform if you ultimately plan to do a full book, but need to break it up into stages.

If you want “the works” ! “Cousins of cousins” ! This is the place !

 We accept personal check, money order, PayPal,  credit cards

(processed through the secure site of PayPal)

Full book projects are required to set up for automatic monthly billing to a credit card so that the research can proceed along uninterrupted. If you need to stop, you must give 30 days advance notice, with no refunds of course for work already in progress.  You may also pay by personal check. If so, it must arrive on the exact same date each month.


All tree projects:  begin with a  “one time only” $60 application fee to review your starting information, check resources available to do the work and plan strategy.  With so many inquiries via the Internet, we simply do not have time for free consultations. 

Also, we need a written trail of everything that was discussed, so all communications are by email.  No phone calls please. Credit card billing is done through the secure site of For single session payments, an electronic invoice will be sent by email and we will never see your credit card details, as you enter it yourself at PayPal.

Please use the form below to get started . Then you will be asked to supply copies of documents you have that pertain and further details.   The  $60.00 application fee MUST be received before we spend time reviewing your starting materials.   If the form below does not seem to work, email:

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