Family Trees

Various  options for your interests or budget ! Documentation to support every name and date is provided, with the exception of any special circumstances.  There can also be official certificates from Italy for important ancestors.

Have a full tree researched!

A family history book will typically include hundreds of people, and can usually get at least into the mid 1700’s (or even the 1500’s,  if records exist for your town.) Some projects have found as many as  1,000 ancestors!  Onsite research at churches is often available to supplement what can be done by civil records.

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Such a project is  comprehensive, including “everyone” by your surname that can be found for your tree.  This will usually need repeated sessions, depending on how large your family is, and how good record sources are for your ancestral town.  Drafts will be delivered quarterly throughout the year to let you see how your tree is growing.  Our spiral-bound family books are easily reproduced and perfect for gifts, reunions,  display, and to pass on to your descendants!

You can also order a “modified project”, still with supporting documention, family sheets and charts, but not so comprehensive. The research will be approached differently, so please inform if you ultimately plan to do a full book, but need to break it up into stages.  If you want “the works” ! “Cousins of cousins” ! This is the place

 We accept personal check, money order, & credit cards through PayPal.


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