Academic Historical Research

We are available for academic historical research in Italy for  book authors, movie directors, college professors or students, and any other need involving getting primary source material out of Italy. As an example, we were able to get a secret police report out of Rome’s police archives pertaining to Audrey Hepburn’s mother and her involvement with fascism during WW2 era. (She was approved to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier but never did.  They were “watching” her, according to the secret police report we uncovered). We can also send a researcher to a public or academic library in Italy, and have several times been granted permission to a newspaper archives in central Italy, where they don’t permit access to the general public.  Many in our network are historians with history and cinema  formal degrees. We specialize in family history books,  and have done many of these over the years, including for  the director of the Italian American Museum in New York. We have also several times done onsite research for a London TV show “Genealogy of the Stars”, and a show about ghosts.  We’ve done  immigration research for a movie director doing a documentary. Most genealogists are not real historians (98 percent are uneducated self-taught), and not qualified to do academic research.

Debora Hill has a B.A. degree in history –immigration and Mediterranean history focus, with a cultural anthropology minor, and International Studies certification. She also has two certificates in genealogy from two different universities, and another in forensic science. She once worked for a Department of Corrections in NJ. This  experience is helpful with our missing persons research on the living for legal heir search cases and other situations, such a lost family member.   In addition Debora  has a master’s degree in library/archives. Pallante Center is networked with several Italian researchers who also hold formal degrees, including some who specialize in film history, history and journalism. We can at any time find a local historian for a particular area. We can research the history or do a demographic study based on vital records for a certain time period.

Debora has eight years of experience with stage productions, including  as an extra who performed on stage, backstage assistant to actors and set designers, and then serving on the board of directors at a university-housed theater company, while her husband was the production manager.  Both have been a movie extras in the movie “Love Conquers Paul”. Thus we have a special interest in the arts and are currently studying writing. Debora’s sister is the Director of the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington, and her daughter has been actively involved in local public arts counsels and has a business and art education.

Pallante Center is qualified to do both family tree research, and academic historical research, and has been doing both for years!


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