Order form: Certified Records from Italy

Birth, Marriage, or Death Record

Official certificate from Italy $130.00

(Suitable for dual citizenship or proving legal heirs.)

Allow about 4 to 6 weeks

Requests are submitted by telephone to government offices by an agent in Italy.  We will request a search of a three year range, if you don’t know the exact date. However, with unknown date, you’ll need to know parent’s names in order to identify the correct family.  There could be cousins by the same name, due to Italian naming customs.

 *Additional cost to send by certified mail with tracking.

Upon delivery  your signature will be required. If payment is made by credit card or PayPal, the card holder must be available to sign. Third party billing is not permitted, unless payment is made by personal check.

If the town is unknown, you’ll need to order  “Find a Place of Origin” Service. This may involve preliminary research to discover the town of birth in Italy.

If you do not need the “legal format” of a document, in many cases the a lower price is possible for a replica of the original handwritten version. This is preferred for genealogy  as the document will usually include more details such as ages, occupations, addresses, and places of birth etc. that the official typed  official certificate version may leave out.  Use this same form, but don’t check the box at the top. State “for genealogy only” in the comments section.

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