Vital Records from Italy

Birth, Marriage, or Death Record

Official certificate from Italy

for genealogy  $95

for dual Italian citizenship and legal heirs $125

Allow 4 to 6 weeks (some towns take longer)

Requests are submitted by telephone to government offices by an agent in Italy.

The search request is for one document in one particular town.

We will request a search of a three year range, if you do not know the exact date.

However, without the date being known, you will need to know the parent’s names in order to identify the correct family, because there could be multiple persons by the same name, due to naming customs.

 If you don’t know the town, you must first order  “Find a Place of Origin” Research. 

Note: Official certificates from a town hall contain less genealogical detail than replicas of original handwritten records. If microfilms exist, it is better to order the search by that method, if  it is for genealogy.  If no films exist, an estratto must be requested from Italy, and they will usually not provide a photocopy of the full document, although we can ask for special situations  (where it is crucial to being able to proceed with a lineage).

Disclaimer:   The document may not exist –where, or when, you thought it would be, or the town may have suffered a natural disaster, resulting in some pages of certain years being damaged or missing. Churches may require a persistent effort to get ahold of an archivist or priest.  The fee is nonrefundable, and is for the agent’s time invested. In some cases, the agent will need to persist repeatedly over many weeks before the town will finally do a search for foreigners.   Translations of documents require a separate fee.  

The cost of individual documents is significantly reduced when you sign on for a full family tree! It’s more economical to order a research package.  (see: Research Services page)

Use this form to order one document: (Enter the parents names in the comment box)


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