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For descriptions of services and pricing, please consult the main heading above.  Use the forms provided there, or email: debora_hill@yahoo.com

For lineage research, please answer as many questions below as you can, and in detail. If you don’t know, it’s ok. It just affects where the research has to begin.  We’ll need to establish a solid starting point, verify facts, and be able to identify your ancestors in the records. If you have copies of any documents that directly pertain to the line to be researched, please send them as an email attachment, or give the exact name of an online tree if one exists.

  1. Your immigrant ancestor’s full name (including maiden surname of females.
  2. Ancestor’s date of birth or estimated year or era.
  3. Immigrant’s place of birth in Italy, or guess at province or region.
  4. Year of immigration and probable port of entry.
  5. Places where ancestor first lived after immigration in order. (We’ll need identify them on census and other records).
  6. Name of ancestor’s spouse.
  7. List the names of their children in order of birth (oldes first).
  8. Were any of the oldest children born in Italy?
  9. Names of your immigrant ancestor’s parents, if known.
  10. Brothers and sisters of your immigrant ancestor.
  11. Brothers and sisters of either of their parents if known and whether any of them might have also emigrated out of Italy.
  12. Use a pedigree chart or hand sketch in diagram format the direct line to be researched. We’ll need to see what is known and what is verified with a supporting document.

Please Note:

We do not give free consultations for those intending to do their own research. We require communications in writing (on forms provided under “services” or by email) so that we can refer back to a paper trail of what was discussed and requested and what you knew at the start.  Sorry no phone calls.


Abruzzo, Valle d’Aosta, Apulia, Basilicata, Calabria, Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardia, Marche, Molise, Piemonte, Sardegna, Sicilia, Trentino-Alto Adige, Toscana, Umbria, Veneto

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