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Book Reviews by PCIR

The Pallante Center is a proud sponsor of a new historical novel:

Trinàcria:  A Tale of Bourbon Sicily.  written by  Dr. Anthony Di Renzo,  Associate Professor at  Ithaca College in New York.  Soon  to be published by Guernica Editions, an independent press based in Toronto, Ontario–scheduled for release on November 2, 2013.

“This historical work chronicles the destruction of the Kingdom  of the Two Sicilies during the Italian Revolution…. Set in 18th– and 19th-century Palermo, Naples, and London.”

I have both a professional and personal interest in this book. Many of our clients come from Caccamo, Sicily, an ancient Norman town near Palermo.  Chiesa dell’Anime del Purgatorio  appears in Trinacrià.  Writhing figures in  the stucco work and skeletons lying in niches along the catacomb walls foreshadow the protagonist’s burial in Palermo’s Capuchin  monastery.  I have ancestors come from Caserta, the site of the  Bourbon royal palace, a major setting in the novel.   Can’t wait to read it !  Sounds fascinating.

Download a promotional flyer here: TrinacriaFlyer

Listen to a video and hear more about this new book from the author himself:



SICILY! Up Close! The World’s First Personalized Travel Guide,

Designed to Help You Enjoy Your Visit to Sicily, by Bud Lang

Essential for preparing for your upcoming trip to Sicily!

An interesting review of all the provinces in Sicily, even if you’re not traveling.

from a Sicilian American and Canadian point of view. Bud has been a professional journalist and photographer for many decades (Pallante Center has some of his wonderful  photos of Sicily)–former editor of many different major magazines, and  a world traveler , he has visited his ancestral land of Sicily several times.  The book is organized by province and reveals what there is to see and do in individual towns, where to find local crafts, the addresses of town and province archives offices, tips for driving in Sicily and more!  Written with a bit of whit from a his personal point of view–just for you! He truly wants everyone to enjoy their trip to Sicily.

A MUST read if you have Sicilian ancestors! (he even includes the most common surnames in each village he reviews).  Bud includes a bit of historical background for various villages that is light and easy to read. It’s not like any other travel guide–great to curl up in an armchair and “read” whether or not you are planning a trip to Sicily!

(We have 1 copy left here that can be shipped from New York)

You can also order this book here:


Ask about an English-speaking tourguide for your trip to Sicily here:


John Contarino’s grandmom wrote down a traditional fable she remembered hearing as a child, passed on for generations orally.  It’s been translated into English and published.   Looks interesting!

  • Cippi Ciappi is a timeless Italian fable, perhaps over a century old, originally brought to life around campfires and dinner tables well before the advent of television and radio. This wonderful tale concerns a wily character, Cippi Ciappi, who “helps” a


A light fiction about two Italian-American families.  The characters’ irreverent, ludicrous and intimate behavior affirms the old adage:

”Family is family, like it or not!”

*But the Pallante Center can help you find new relatives.


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