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Pallante Center endorsed on Fox News  !  February 21, 2013

At the bottom of the link below– under the “Genealogy” heading:  Look what they said !

“Italian Americans turn to the Pallante Center for genealogical research.”


Pallante Center worked on several research projects for London-based TV shows, co-hosted by Anthony Adolph !  – Broadcaster   

“Dear Debora, You have obviously been working really hard, and I’m immensely impressed that you have got back four generations already! Please keep it all coming! With very best wishes, and many thanks,”  Anthony Adolph in London

-Channel 4’s Three part series:  Extraordinary Ancestors
-guest on radio chat shows and a royal expert for BBC News 24
Antiques Ghostshow for Living TV.

June 24, 2013:  Pallante  in the News  again !  

We the Italians, June 24, 2013  Interviews
“Italiani d’America in cerca delle loro radici” by Umberto Mucci

http://www.wetheitalians.com/index.php/interviste/3150-italiani-d-america-in-cerca-delle-loro-radici  and L’Opinione June 24, 2013  http://opinione.it/esteri/2013/06/22/mucci_esteri-22-06.aspx

Endorsed by The Comunes of Italy Magazine  2008  

Deb Hill of the Pallante Center comes very highly recommended, and I’ve met her on several occasions. She is professional and thorough, and a stickler for accuracy and documentation.  I know she’s done quite a bit of work with Sicilian records.  All in all, I think you’d be very satisfied with her. I’ve never heard a complaint about her work. –Grace Lancieri Olivo, Editor

Endorsed by Italian-American Museum in Manhattan, NY!

You are doing an excellent job ! I very much appreciate the research that you’ve done for my family tree !

Dr. Joseph V. Scelsa, Founder and Director
His ancestors are from Caccamo, Sicily.  (Our specialty!)


Pallante endorsed by Christine Fontanelli, famous singer !

“Deb works tirelessly to promote our great Italian Heritage!  Hope to meet you Deb at my 8th-annual “Christmas in Italy” show in NYC 11/27/11”

(I have met her in person twice. )  Cristina’s family owned an original Italian food center in Little Italy, NYC.  She strives to preserve the great songs of Italy in their traditional format with the mandolin, guitar, accordion, etc. and to teach them to younger generations. A professional opera singer, actor, international recording artist, Cristina has performed at the White House for President Clinton and  Inauguration for President George W. Bush, as well as all over the world.  She specializes in Italian and Italian-American music. Opera, Cabaret, Musicalshttp://www.cristinafontanelli.com/

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