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Deadline: March 1, 2014

This year’s contest is “IMMIGRANT STORIES”. Worldwide. Anywhere Italian immigrants settled.

Prize: 100 euros in cash !

We’re looking for your ancestor’s personal story.

It should be fairly complete, with a lot of details known. Photos, documents, or video to support the story would be great. As you can see on our “Contest Winners” page, past winners of our recipe contest were people who went all out and put in a lot of effort.

Presentation is important, but an interesting story that doesn’t have visuals available will also be considered. It can be as long as you’d like, but at least one full page.

It might be a story that is unique, or somewhat out of the ordinary. Perhaps you know a lot about things  going on in the village before they left, an occupation, a diary kept during the journey on a ship, or maybe the first years in the new country are an interesting tale?

FORMAT:  It can be a written narrative, a photo journal with captains–or combination of both, or you can make a video.  Please submit as a Word document or. pdf file, with photos inserted where they belong in the story.  (It must be delivered in a format possible to copy and past onto our website.)  However, photos must also be sent individually and separately  in .jpg or .gif format.  Of high interest would be things beyond what can be learned from typical genealogical documents–a personal story– handed down, whether in written or oral form. If you’ve done a lot of background research on the general history of the time, and can fit your story into a framework of what was going on around them, please cite references.  Also of interest might be –if you can provide the specific steps you took for each leg of a research project you did, which perhaps led to finding living relatives in Italy, and maybe they were able to shed a lot of light on your family history that you couldn’t have known from documents. If so, how was it unexpected?

Don’t forget to include what it all means to you.  Your ancestors are part of your own identity.  Do you feel more connected to the old country, does it make you feel “whole”?  Why do you want to preserve and share the story?

It must be given to PCIR free of copyright restriction, able to be used on our website, and as part of any future projects we may undertake. *You will also retain unrestricted use of story.

Send the story and photo attachments to
Please let us know of your intent to submit a story as soon as possible. Then take your time and have fun !

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