Terms Contest


Last day to submit: DECEMBER 17, 2012

You must be over 18 to enter.

Any kind of recipe or food related process (private or commercial)

Must be original family recipes (not taken from a copyrighted book), donated freely to PCIR freely. 

Color photos and/or short video clips of the process or finished item will enhance your chances, but are not required.

Submit photos in electronic format as a  gif or jpg. 

You may include your name for publication with the recipe, or choose to withhold your name from public display.

Must state a geographic region where the recipe is made, even if only a broad description such as “Sicily”, “Australia’s Little Italy”, Southern New Jersey, Montreal, etc. However, in Italy a specific village name  is preferred.

All recipes submited could possibly be used in a cookbook publication in the future. 

The  winning selection will be posted on this website.

Relatives of the Pallante family may submit a recipe for fun but are excluded from prizes (This does not apply to non relatives who happen to bear the Pallante surname).

Send images to Debora_Hill@yahoo.com

By submitting a recipe you are agreeing to all terms and conditions stated here.


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