Visit the Land of Your Ancestors ! or Just Enjoy this Beatiful Place. You can design your own itinerary, and have a personal escort in English when you arrive. Help is available for for renting a car,  accomodations, or anything else. 

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 A deposit of 30 percent is required 5 or more weeks in advance.  Prices are in euros. The balance is due on the day you arrive in Sicily (for 1 to 7  day escorts). For a more extensive tour and/or  large group, a second deposit may be due in advance of the trip.

You are in control of what you want to see !  The tour guide can also suggest a package for standard tourist destinations.  Always flexible, because it’s YOUR vacation, and we want it to be exactly how you wish !  The type of transportation needed to fit your group’s size is available.  It’s possible to have a private bus for a large group, or to go around in an Italian car. If you will arrive  on a cruise ship, a guide can pick you up at your ship and take you to see your ancestral village for a day, and back to the ship. Whatever you need ! These tours are unique because we are experts in Italian family history and offer accompanying genealogical services.

A total estimate for the your custom tour pkg will be given in advance.   Prices are calculated “per day”  ( a day equals 9am to 7pm).  Pick up from any hotel in Provinces Palermo, Trapani , Catania, and Messina . Quotes on request.  Airport pickups also available from either Palermo or Catania airports.

Group size (we accept from one person to large groups). If you request to be driven, the appropriate sized vehicle will be determined in advance. (Avoid the hassle of renting a car and insurance and navigation system and let the tour guide take you around and narrate what you are seeing.) Or if you prefer, he can meet you at a site (such as your ancestral village) and act as translator for the day to meet people by your surname, or assist in getting a vital record, visit your ancestor’s church, look for tombstones at the cemetery. We are very attuned to the desires of genealogists !  We can also research your whole family tree in advance, so you can discuss with newfound relatives how exactly you connect.

 The vehicle size, based on the number of people in your group will typically be:1 to 3 people –  Alfa Romeo MiTo

4 to 5 people – Ford Focus

5 to 8 people  – Ford Transit

Prices on request for groups of more than 8.  Expenses ( gasoline, pkg, tolls)  per kmt.  Some examples about distance and driving time ( one way) from Palermo:  Palermo-Trapani   1hr  (100 kmt)  Palermo-Agrigento 1hr and half (150 kmt)  Palermo – Cefalù 1hr  (70 kmt)

Lunch in the local “trattoria” of a village is about 15/20.

In many places it’s possible to visit a winery and have a taste of genuine sicilian food and wine starting from 15 per person. Visit a local cheese factory and have a light lunch with “pane di casa” (home made bread) seasoned with genuine olive oil, salt, pepper or anchioves and dried tomato, olives, cheese , fresh ricotta cheese, local wine–only 10 euro!

Ask for a quote for an English speaking tour guide with, or without driver

 ( if you will rent a car ).

                    price range categories: 
                    1 to 4 people,    5 to 8 people, 
                    or  over 8 people
When visiting an ancestral village, a tour will always include a visit to the  main church, where usually it’s possible to check records (about an ancestor’s baptism , wedding etc.)  the town hall ( to consult ,  when possible , the old documents),the cemetery ( to look for possible ancestor’s graves)


and of course, talking with local people and searching for possible relatives and descendants.
Pallante Center can  work to figure out how your family links to them. 

Sicily is a beatiful place to spend your vacation! (See my photos on facebook). There are nine provinces. Each has something unique to offer.  Through PCIR you can order the book, “Sicily! Up Close“, an essential guide for planning. Take it with you on your trip.  Even if you don’t have Sicilian ancestors, it will be a wonderful adventure!  

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