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Visit Your Ancestral Village

 This Year !

  •  Personal escort to wherever you want to go, with an English-speaking guide (any size group, transportation available)
  •  Ancestor research before your visit (much preferred),  but on the day is also possible.
    • Note: Sicilian archives do not permit you to sit and do your own research or touch the books. The guide will take you to a town hall where you can request a document or two from the archivist
  •  Transfers from local train or bus stations available, with tour purchase.
  •  Personal translator for a day to meet new relatives (with or without driver, if you’ve already rented a car)
    • Note: Living relatives must be discovered in advance, though genealogical research. Otherwise, if none can be found, the guide can introduce you to some people with the same surname in your ancestral village.
  •  Visit your ancestral church and cemetery. Your guide will work with the office to help you locate a grave.
  •  Visit the site of your deceased ancestor’s property. It may still be there unclaimed or occupied by others, but with a map you can visit it. Ask about inheritance rights for abandoned properties.

The tour guide will also take you to see whatever major tourist sites in the region you want to see on your own private tour. Perhaps a winery, cheese-making facility or old style chocolate factory……

Prices differ for various regions of Italy. A registration fee is due in advance to secure your date.

If you don’t know what village your ancestor came from, the Pallante Center can help. See our “Discover Your Town of Origin” Package.  It’s best to have a bit of a tree built in advance to show your new relatives, so they can see how you fit in to the extended family.


In Sicily, the guide will meet just one person or a group of several hundred. Appropriate transportation for a larger group can be arranged, from small car for two, to a private bus.  Many years of experience.  No worries !  A facilitator and manager of events–such as a dinner party to meet your new relatives is available.  Various special arrangements can be worked out with most guides. (Click here to learn more)  SICILY

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