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Pallante Center for Italian Research (PCIR) offers professional genealogical research for people of Italian heritage. Choose from a full range of services that include building extensive family trees, obtaining official birth, marriage and death records from Italy, Italian military records, or court records,  legal heir searches, property searches, genealogy travel. Also check out our newest service, aerial videos of your ancestral village by drone! With decades of experience, and an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction, PCIR provides the best value in the industry. We have had much success, having found many thousands of documents for clients. Many clients invest in fully-developed family trees delivered in book format, suitable for gifts or family reunions. These usually contain between 200 and 1,000 names each! Documentary evidence to support all names and dates is provided, and periodic updates as your family tree grows.

Debora Hill, founder, is a professional genealogist, who collaborates with a network of Italian associates in Italy, and primary business partner, Massimo, of the European office in Central Italy, who (since 1998) is in charge of official document services, and finding local professional genealogists and historians in whatever region is needed. For years, PCIR has been offering excellent service to people all over the world (see Testimonials). Our satisfied clients reside wherever Italian immigrants have gone. This includes the USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Africa …

Please view our professional services for more details on how PCIR can help your next research project or whatever you need from Italy. Debora is also available experienced in and able to conduct some selected research in New York (where she resides), her native New Jersey, as well as Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut, or even Eastern Shore Maryland, where she has gone many times over the years to research some of her own ancestors back to the 1600’s. Many past clients have chosen to have another non-Italian line done by PCIR before or after completing their Italian side. She has also researched (in person) her Irish and UK ancestors, as well as a client project in Brazil.

The Italian ancestors of Debora (Pallante) Hill, owner and founder,  immigrated from Provinces Isernia and Caserta. She is a trained professional archivist, historian and librarian who has experience not only in working with historical documents from Italy, but also archival preservation, and reference services and databases. PCIR has contacts on the ground in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Africa, Brazil, Ireland and UK .

Debora has personally conducted research in various small towns all over Italy and Sicily at town halls and state archives. “Genealogy has always been a passion–since high school days in the mid 1970’s, and was a side job for years”. In 1997, Debora decided to start her own research center (suggested by a Drexel Univ. grad school professor years before). She now devotes herself full-time to the Pallante Center for Italian Research, and thoroughly enjoys helping people find their ancestors.


Notable: Debora worked for’s “Hire an Expert”, Italy (until their original expert program was discontinued ) and has done behind the scenes work for a London-based TV show about ancestry research–Genealogy of the Stars and a show about ghosts. PCIR has completed a thorough family history for the director of the Italian American Museum in New York City. When Debora first started doing Italian genealogy, there were only a handful of others.  Since the mid 1970’s, Debora has accumulated a lifetime of experience in encountering the many types of problems that can arise in doing genealogy research!

PCIR can also work with movie documentary directors and serious book authors because we are real historians! We have successfully gotten rare primary source materials out of Italy (such as secret police reports about Baroness Van Heemstra in the Fascist era, and can do more than just ancestor research.

PCIR offers discounted pricing for clients of preferred customer status. Countless extra hours are thrown in at no cost on large book projects. Your family may end up merging with an existing tree we have already researched (especially if from Caccamo) or other Sicilian towns in Province Palermo, because we have done such extensive work already. Just one link is all that is needed to merge two trees.

The Pallante Center for Italian research is fully capable of researching your Italian ancestors! We also do legal heir searches for law firms all the time!  In addition we obtain Title Reports, survey maps and other documents for people seeking to transfer inherited property.  We work with a certified property specialist in Italy who can handle the actual transfer of title, after obtaining all the necessary paperwork.  We can help you with a wide range of problems–whether you want to find out if your ancestor left abandoned property that you may be entitled to inherit, get official records for dual citizenship, or research your lineage. Whatever your need. Even plan a wedding or take a customized trip to visit your ancestral village in Sicily.  More About Debora  and qualifications


  • ALA Accredited M.S. Library Science/Archives, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pa.; Archives Concentration – Temple University
  • B.A. History (also Certified in International Studies, with minor in Anthropology), Rowan University – Glassboro, NJ
    Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society. Studies included 4 years of formal coursework in methods of historical research, genealogy, family history, Italian language, and Mediterranean history. Senior thesis book, “300 Years of the Pallante Family.” This education serves as a strong background in world cultures. (With some archaeological study in digging up ancestors – literally!)
  • Continuing Ed Certificates Genealogy and Forensic Science

Memberships/Associations (Past and Present):

  • Association of Professional Genealogists
  • Society of American Archivists
  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Council
  • American Library Association; Special Collecctions
  • American Italian Heritage Association




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November 2013

Debora Hill, founder of the Pallante Center

chosen as “Professional of the Year” by Worldwide Who’s Who !

(representing the Genealogy Industry)


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