A Pallante has made it to Capital Hill in Washington D.C.

23 Oct
Our immigrant ancestor, Francesco Pallante, who came from Longano, Italy in 1903 issued a directive to all of his descendants.  He wanted everyone to strive for education, and to aim high.  Many of his descendants in the first and second generation achieved a college education. His daughter Mary was among the first women to graduate from the local teaching college. She went on to become principal of the elementary school where she taught 2nd grade.  Her brother Sam became a doctor. In the 2nd generation there were many school teachers in the family and one grandson the Dean of a university.  The next generation aimed for law degrees. Not one, but nine lawyers in the immediate family!
But so far Francesco’s great-granddaughter, Maria Pallante, has aimed the highest. She became an expert on copyright law while in law school, and in 2011 was appointed 12th Register of Copyrights for the United States Copyright Office ( or, “Director of the U.S. Copyright Office”) . At the link below you’ll find one her speeches delivered this year.

Statement of Maria A. Pallante Register of Copyrights United States Copyright Office   before the   Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet  Committee on the Judiciary

United States House of Representatives       113th Congress, 1st Session



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