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2 Jun

I’ve added a new link to our Italian-American directory, under Entertainment !

Two Gypsy Kisses (Due Zighi Bacci)

Continental Cafe Music

Affordable High Quality Live Entertainment

Authentic Neapolitan/Italian Canzone,French Chanson & American Favorites

“No music has the power to whisk us away to magical, far-away places like the songs heard on the streets of old Europe.  From the very first strains of the accordion you’re savoring a glass of Chianti on a balcony overlooking the Neapolitan shore, or maybe sipping a steaming cappuccino at a sidewalk café on the Champs-Élysées in ‘Gay Paree’. Two Gypsy Kisses (Due Zighi Baci) promises to transport any audience with their authentic, soulful styling of popular European café music.”

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In addition to the music performance website,  I also have a publishing company.  I publish and promote Italian ballo liscio dance music and French bal musette. My first book covers the social history of mandolin orchestras in the 20th century. My services include manuscript transcriptions, music arrangements, conservation, research, and music performance consulting.
Contact info:
   Zighi Baci Publishing  (
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   Petaluma, CA 94953-2704
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