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Venice !

25 May

We’ve added a new link for a California-based import company, called Visions of Venice to our directory of interesting hand-crafted items from Italy ! They guarantee, and even issue a certificate of authenticity, that their items are made in Venice, by Venetian artisans. But you can purchase these wonderful products in the United States. They also offer wholesale to resellers.

Speaking of Venice……. starting this fall, the Pallante Center will have a brand new researcher residing in Venice, with a Ph.D. in medieval studies, who will be available to do historical and genealogical research onsite for most of the entire Province of Venice!  This scholar is an American who has been living in Venice for the past several years, and will return to Venice this fall to take up permanent residence.  She will also be able to provide a personal escort in English for those who have Venetian ancestors and want to visit in person and meet people in their ancestral village.

But best of all, she will be able to go to parish archives in Venetian churches, and civil record offices, to do family tree research in person ! This will be a very valuable service to our clients and we are very much looking forward to this new addition to our team of research professional research collaborators.


UPDATE 6-25-12

We are now accepting research requests for onsite work for the province and City of VENICE and creating a “to do” list.  You can get on it with a down payment.  This will also include evaluation of your starting information, checking availability of resources that exist to do the work,  planning research strategy and negotiating for access permissions  to various archives centers as needed.

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